International Institute for Sustainable Development: Call for Gender Experts

The International Institute for Sustainable Development is looking for Gender experts:


> Gender Expert for ELP 


The Economic and Law Policy Program (ELP) is one of the work programs of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). It focus on areas of economic policy-making that are essential to sustainable development, in different workstreams such as Mining, Trade and Investment, Procurement and Infrastructure and Sustainability Standards. ELP is looking for a gender expert consultant to provide guidance and feedback on an ad-hoc basis, from a few hours up to a few days per month.


  • Provide content advice and review strategies, funding proposal and projects, monitor coherence between different documents
  • Provide guidance on how to better integrate and mainstream gender considerations into the program work
  • Review draft research papers, policy briefs and reports with comments and recommendations



  • General gender expertise, not too sector-focused
  • Experience reviewing research papers, policy work, funding proposals and reports
  • Understands context of an international non-profit working with different types of funders who have specific requirements and research/capacity-building projects
  • Availability to respond quickly and efficiently to our demands
  • Expertise on gender issue in developing countries an asset
  • Additional language (apart from English) an asset


> Lead Author: Standards, Market Access and  Poverty Review


 The Sustainability Standards workstream of the ELP Program at IISD will conduct a research through 2019 on the interface between Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSSs), Market Access  and Poverty Reduction incorporating a gender analysis. As a result, a thematic review will be produced under the name of: Standards, Market Access and Poverty Review.

Background of the SSI Thematic Review: Market Access and Poverty Reduction

Poverty reduction represents a primary focus of any needs-based approaches to sustainable development. Most voluntary sustainability standards (i.e. fair trade, organic, fsc, etc)  promise economic benefits to sustainable producers based on a variety of factors ranging from improved quality, yields and market access. The implications of voluntary standards on market access remains a highly contentious issue on the international stage. On the one hand, as a growing number of retailers and manufacturers adopt sustainable sourcing requirements, it is clear that compliance with voluntary standards can facilitate access to a wider range of supply chains. However, on the other hand, the fixed cost and infrastructure investments related to standards compliance, can result in the exclusion of many of the poorest producers, and especially women, leading to a form of implicit protectionism for more well-off economies. This edition of the SSI will provide an analysis of trends in market access across select markets as well as an analysis of the sources of success and failure in gaining access to such markets. The review will provide a springboard for facilitating strategic LDC access to sustainable markets”.

IISD will look for a Lead Author to coordinate the research work and the writing of the Review (contractual period in early 2019, part-time consultant contract (organizations can not be hired)


  • Lead the definition of the content outline and format of the report
  • Produce the analytical framework that will enable assessing the interface between VSSs, market access and poverty reduction, incorporating a strong gender analysis
  • Coordinate the research/authors team ( approx. 4) in the elaboration of the report and lead the analytical work
  • Produce and write relevant content in the different sections of the report, including policy recommendations and executive summary
  • Coordinate peer-review process at different draft stages
  • Identify content for graphic and visual representation



  • Advanced research expertise in the fields of agricultural markets, sustainability and gender
  • Experience with Voluntary Sustainability Standards is strongly recommended
  • Experience producing public policy recommendations is an asset
  • Excellent writing and communication skills: accessible language and style
  • Solid analytical skills, being able to relate complex concepts


Candidates can contact Joelle Deschambaults by e-mail:

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