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Resolución Suprema y Estatutos

A continuación se hace pública nuestros Estatutos y Resolución Suprema, de la institución:

Resolución Suprema

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La Paz, December 18th, 1989.


Whereas, a Brief submitted by José Blanes Jiménez, B.A., in his capacity as Representative and on behalf of Bolivian Center for Multidisciplinary Studies “CEBEM”, applying for Recognition of its Legal Personality, Approval of the Articles of Association and additional documents relating to the constitution of said Center.

Whereas, on January 9th, 1989, Bolivian Center for Multidisciplinary Studies was founded with a registered office in the city of La Paz and a main goal referred as research in the various fields of social science, documentation and dissemination, education, teaching and training, project formulation, assessment of development activities, advisory services to public or private development entities, research and education on fields related to its objectives. All the aforementioned for non-profit purposes.

Whereas, the right to peaceful assembly and association pursuing the various scientific and cultural activities not contrary to the safety of the Bolivian State and its subsidiary laws, is well-stablished in Subheading c, Article 70 of this Nation’s Charter.

Whereas, the Articles of Association and additional documents requested for approval are not contrary to the laws of the Republic nor do the threaten morals and commonly accepted customs of the country.

Whereas, having met in full all requirements in Article 58 of the Civil Code and Article 30 of Supreme Decree issued on November 22th, 1933, accordingly with the affirmative opinion of the Government Prosecutor.


Is recognized the Legal Personality of BOLIVIAN CENTER FOR MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDIES “CEBEM”, with a registered office in the city of La Paz; are approved its Articles of Association with its 13 Titles and 55 Articles, and its Rule of Procedures with its 12 Titles and 57 Articles. A copy of the Public Deed containing them must be archived in the Ministry of Education and Culture, for the associated purposes.


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