Latin America’s Global Border System: An Introduction

Edited By Beatriz Zepeda, Fernando Carrión Mena, Francisco Enríquez Bermeo
May 17, 2022.

Latin America’s Global Border System is the opening volume in the first collection of academic works devoted exclusively to borders and illegal markets in Latin America. This volume features expert discussions on border issues of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico and Peru, as well as studies on illegal markets, cities, and gender as a first step to understanding the intricacies of the global border system of illegal markets and Latin America’s role in it. The book constitutes a valuable source of information on the geographic, economic, demographic, and social characteristics of the most important Latin American border regions, and their relation to global illegal markets, while also offering valuable insights into the ways illegal markets are organized in each country and how they connect across borders to create the global border system.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Permanent Construction of Borders in Latin America

Fernando Carrión Mena and Francisco Enríquez Bermeo

Part 1: Border Subsystems

1.1: Producing Countries

1. The Global Border System and Illegal Markets in Peru: Notes for a Research Agenda

Manuel Dammert Guardia and Viktor Bensús

2. Bolivia: The Tensions, Challenges and Prospects of the Border Subsystem

José Blanes Jiménez

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