Paradigm Dynamics and The Future of Capitalism: Who Will Win the Next Cold War?

Author: Lucio Muñoz (Independent Qualitative Comparative Researcher / Consultant, Vancouver, BC, Canada Email:


The death of Karl Marx’s model in 1991 led to the paradigm shift from red socialism to red capitalism in China and the former soviet bloc republics bringing with it the rise of socially friendly capitalism.  The death of Adam Smith’s model formally in 2012 led to the shift from the traditional market to the green market bringing with it the rise of green capitalism.  So there we have the two new components of the next cold war, red capitalism vrs green capitalism.  Therefore, the future paradigm clash will be in the line of environmentally friendly capitalism against socially friendly capitalism and the winner of this clash will define i) the future of capitalist markets; and ii) open the way for  the coming of one global socially and environmentally friendly capitalist system, the sustainability market.  And this raises the question who will win the next cold war? Under which conditions?  Among the goals of this paper is to provide an answer to these questions.

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